Unpolished Gem

We don’t know… until we’ll try… this stumbling blocks can be your stepping stones. I’ve seen them all! Here, she goes again!!!! Is she back, no wonder you disappeared for a long time? Is she back to borrow charger? I can give her $2 to buy one in Daiso… 😂

So, I got it… I noticed you kept coming back and forth to that room where she was supposed to be… Why not transfer sit there since you don’t like where you are… Were they doing the tasks I am doing??? Their job was easy…. if they were in my position, would you treat them the same? Or they capable of doing what I can? Aren’t you tired of blaming me of things I am not supposed to do? Isn’t my duty at all? Aren’t you tired of hating me or getting angry at me with those things? They are just young with pretty faces but are they perfect? Are they angels? Sometimes those who are pleasing to the eyes are the ones who can hurt you the most…. Remember, the wheel keeps on turning…

Don’t judge me so quickly, you never knew what I’ve been through… After all the criticisms, still enjoy what I am doing. Whoever they are, I am still blessed and grateful for everything I received. Besides, I don’t hold grudges like you do. I give others the benefit of the doubt and appreciate their goodness. After all, we are born to be true not to be perfect.

We are all good and whatever clouded your judgement towards me, I know you’ve seen it too. You surely witnessed how committed I am to my work and how I love the kids. For now, you’re blinded with many things and all of them, but the true gem is in me. No worries… God knows when….

Despite of that, I thank God for blessing me with amazing and wonderful friends. Thank you to all my friends for making my day and being there for me. I don’t need so many friends. I’ll forever cherished the few who are always true.