My brand new obsession

I can’t get over with Wei Ying Lou from the Chinese drama “The Story of the Yanxi Palace”. Wei Ying Lou is sly and clever, and she stood up against to all who bullied her. Beneath her toughness is someone true who sought justice for her friend and sister. It’s a historical drama about concubines but after watching 10 episodes (the English sub isn’t that good) I am hooked with what will be next to We Ying Lou now that she’s closer to the empress.

I will surely be sleeping late tonight😂🤣😴😴

The Obedient Follower

After 8 weeks of a long journey from my working place to the Church of St Teresa, I completed the training without missing a single one. Even I reached home very late, it didn’t matter because I took the road less traveled.

Dear God, give me strength to follow your ways and obey your will. I don’t need a lot of people to understand me because I know that everything I do is for Your glory. Indeed, each day I am grateful for all the endless blessings.

And this obedient follower deserves a Samurai burger meal.

The Wannabe Seamstress

All occupied Sunday! When my friend bailed on me, I was not upset but instead I was relief. So, I straight off to attend the morning mass. Afterwards, I went buy my lunch and cooked when I reached home. I did several tasks like washing my clothes and tidying up my room.

I did some sewing for my Friend asked me a favour to make her daughter’s costume. I tried my best but my sewing was really bad.

Well, after two hours, Mission accomplished!

It’s not yet over coz another friend asked me to draw and another one asked me to design her mum’s invitation card!!! What a busy life!!! Oops, I have a lesson to prepare and a video to edit..

Let’s Spread Good Vibes

The church celebrates ‘World Mission Sunday’ tomorrow to spread Jesús’s words and His good deeds.

So, today my kids created a booklet to list their good deeds and what they should do to share themselves to others. Let’s remember to continue Jesús’s god works by spreading joy and our blessing to others.

God is great! Always remember through loving your neighbours and even the most difficult ones, you already being Jesús to others. Don’t hold grudges and always forgive. Above all, find happiness even in most difficult situations and always find ways to smile even life is getting tough.

It’s a great day (I’m glad that I came)

Face it! It was not helping… despite of the inconsideration, I know too well that I did beyond extra miles…

I wanted to leave early but I got stuck. How to tell my boss that I wanted to go off when they were all occupied.

I learned my lesson that direction app isn’t all reliable. When I went out from the underground pass, I saw C… what!!! I’m going to F

When I was in pit D, I wanted to head up home. But, there’s beauty of being lost. I’ve familiarised the place and explore the part of the park that I’ve never seen.

I walked for 40 mins and when I reached there, the food was almost finished.

But, I enjoyed the event. The singing and dancing were my stress relief. I sang and danced all out, not caring everyone around me. Meet new friends and I did help those cuties😘

When I was about to sleep, my friend called. No matter how I am judged, I know too well that there are people who appreciate the goodness of my heart. I don’t need affirmation coz God sees that too❣️

A good girl also wears stilettos 👠

You think that girls on high heels are like the ones in the club. One wink, they’ll over you, buy you a drink and on-the-go for a one night stand. Probably, the girls on high heels are attention-seekers with celebrity complex. Or are they pieces of trash with those heels?

Hey, guess what a good girl wears high heels too because she enjoys the style. She’s not gifted in terms of height. Thus, an inch of heels can boost her confidence. What do you know, she doesn’t go clubbing or hooking up for she’s a home buddy watching Riverdale or dancing on K-pop songs when no one is looking. She’s a heck of an old fashionista stuck on her art and books.

A good girl also wears stilettoes, going to church while saying her prayers. What’s with the shoes? She loves them since young, her little pleasure and entertainment. Does she spend it all on clothing and shoes? Of course, one thing is certain, her bank account isn’t zero balance and she invested on some properties too… And she shares her time to serve others and always willing to give generously. She doesn’t hang around on social media to show off and vanity for she loves to write instead. Well, it’s easy to judge others on what we see on them but what do we know anyway…

Unpolished Gem

We don’t know… until we’ll try… this stumbling blocks can be your stepping stones. I’ve seen them all! Here, she goes again!!!! Is she back, no wonder you disappeared for a long time? Is she back to borrow charger? I can give her $2 to buy one in Daiso… 😂

So, I got it… I noticed you kept coming back and forth to that room where she was supposed to be… Why not transfer sit there since you don’t like where you are… Were they doing the tasks I am doing??? Their job was easy…. if they were in my position, would you treat them the same? Or they capable of doing what I can? Aren’t you tired of blaming me of things I am not supposed to do? Isn’t my duty at all? Aren’t you tired of hating me or getting angry at me with those things? They are just young with pretty faces but are they perfect? Are they angels? Sometimes those who are pleasing to the eyes are the ones who can hurt you the most…. Remember, the wheel keeps on turning…

Don’t judge me so quickly, you never knew what I’ve been through… After all the criticisms, still enjoy what I am doing. Whoever they are, I am still blessed and grateful for everything I received. Besides, I don’t hold grudges like you do. I give others the benefit of the doubt and appreciate their goodness. After all, we are born to be true not to be perfect.

We are all good and whatever clouded your judgement towards me, I know you’ve seen it too. You surely witnessed how committed I am to my work and how I love the kids. For now, you’re blinded with many things and all of them, but the true gem is in me. No worries… God knows when….

Despite of that, I thank God for blessing me with amazing and wonderful friends. Thank you to all my friends for making my day and being there for me. I don’t need so many friends. I’ll forever cherished the few who are always true.