Happy B-day!!! Thank u very much…

It’s a celebration!!! Thank you very much. In celebration for your day, I am a good Friend for I stayed in my friend’s place after my Catechism session. I gave a treat for lunchtime and I accompanied my Friend for acupuncture and other treatment for my Friend isn’t feeling well. So, I was a good company. I stayed on from lunch and left after dinner.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a good friend and be there for those who needed me. Happy birthday!!! I know you hear and listen to me all the time and you never failed to be there for us. I know you’ll find a way for both us same as you were there for Sarah and Tobias. It’s never a myth for you my Friend exists. You too are always there for him and I can thank you more for blessing him always. Tell him, I always deeply care and let him know it’s never a lie despite his hesitations.

I know he knows… and thank u with all my heart ❣


Goodbye to You My Friend

The food is simply amazing and appetising. Love my dining experience in the Crab at the Bay.

It’s a farewell dinner for a Friend who will be studying overseas. We had a Long chat and I’m still in the bus on my way home….

Goodbye for now and I can’t express how grateful I am to my Friend for the years we spent together in serving the Almighty. She will be back and we’ll definitely meet again.

The Mess in the Past

Midnight spring cleaning for the whole day I was being the couch potato queen. Look what I dug, art pieces that I did 6 years ago…

That mess I made and the unintentional hurt I caused another. I was too old to be naive but I did it anyway. It was about my selfish desire that led me to that choice and my escape goat were my artworks because no matter how I tried to runaway to another that hurt I caused always haunting me.

Every time I thought that I could, I only ended up in the shadows of yesterday. All I can do is hide in my writings… I messed up then and lost a lot. I have forgiven all the characters in that chapter of my life including myself too.

I know too well that I am a better person now. So, I have to endure because I should know better. I don’t know if I’ll get that chance but the ones in the past are merrymaking now…

And so it was not that face whom caused the mess in my past that I saw in series of dreams I had today and the past few days. All seemed so real in my head, as if everything was happening. The only thing who I wish to be true was that current face who touched me gently and explored my wonderland.

It’s time to clear my mess and throw away my more than a hundred art pieces. That girl who used to be in the past should had known better. Now, I am as bright and beautiful as I used to be before he came along. My age is never a hindrance because it is just a mere number for God. There’s nothing erroneous in my physical attributes for God created me in His likeness.

It’s time to clear and clean the mess! Change is a process but I’m taking a step one at the time to move forward. There are many blessings and gifts God showered me, which I can share to others and to benefit me too.

Someone in the present, please…. Wish you only knew, it’s no longer him, the ghost of my past who is in my dreams now… I only made more than a hundred art pieces of him but I had you in my head more than a million times… it’s like you’re embedded in every cells of my being. I hope it also occurs to you that I just don’t know how….

Honestly, I posted all my artworks of him in the past. But the only one I did for you never appeared anywhere. I am proud of that, I painted it with my heart…. likewise, I am just avoiding the additional hate… I want to make others happy not to agitate or anger them… hey, I don’t even want to be sued for harassment!!! Hay! 😔😞Lame as it may sound… those missed calls were unintentional! Besides, what will I gain from doing such…