The Magic of the Red String in the Little Red Dot Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador “Born for You”

Some people make you believe that there’s someone out there and they can be there.  Likewise, all they considered are themselves and their interests.  And the next thing you’ll uncover, they’ll always want the women who can please their eyes and entertain them on bed.

Some people think, your traditional beliefs don’t suit the modern world for you’ll only get what you want using your head not your heart.  Then, your faith and miracles are childish and foolish.

Some people will tell you, use technology to get connected and surf in the cyber space to get the star. Been there and tried that…. But my heart tells me something else. 

If my dreams are words and messages from God, I am glad so because you’re always there.  God is connecting us and the magic of the red string will bring us to each other even in this tremendous galaxy… Somewhere in the red dot, our strings connected!


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