I’m alright, Lord!

It’s the point in my life when I assured Jesus, ‘I’m alright, Lord!’  

The truth does not hurt anymore.  Should I thank and condemn Facebook?  No need for I can count my blessings rather than pinpoint which hurt the most.  I always grateful with what I have rather with what I don’t have for the moment.  God has His reasons.  I will never decipher Him but I’m living each day as a miracle.

In my mind I screamed, ‘I should be in that group!’  Another said, ‘transfer!’ But, my intuition told me to stay foot.  Yet, it’s a good thing that I didn’t for my group came first place. (Thanks to all the efforts of my colleagues) In that moment I realized, God always leads you to the best.  

Does the truth hurts? Nope, it taught me to see that life is always beautiful! I must go on living…


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