I only want my Captain

captain america drawing

And they said, ‘grow up and quit on dreaming.’  I won’t stop and rather go on with this insanity than to make a choice of which I’ll surely regret. I may dream, love and have faith of a child, it doesn’t matter because I’m always GENuinely GEN…

I made series of blunders in my past and I let others took advantage with my innocence.  What am I? A hero or a survivor? Sometimes it’s so exhausting to be the one who provides and be there for others in need.  I don’t complain instead grateful for all God’s gifts and blessings.  Yet, what others see in me — not a beautiful creation but an opportunity or a joke.  I embraced my uniqueness and my queer ways for I am who I am.

If ever I’m going to feel it again and share myself once more, I want it to be with no one else but only with my Captain.  Perhaps, I’d rather keep on dreaming where he exists and always smile beautifully at me.  No hidden agenda and no lies.  His eyes see the beauty in me and appreciates my talents.

I am a victim of life’s circumstances and I need a hero to save me from drowning into the depths of my loneliness and sadness.

I want no other one.  I only want my Captain!

captain america drawing2

by Yeng Constantino “Ikaw”


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