To the Unknown 

Can you count the pebbles on the sand?

You don’t have to when they tickle your toes 

Can you count the raindrops when it rains?

You don’t have to when there’s rainbow aftermath 

How many teardrops I shed on a spoiled fruit?

Indeed, countless and what a waste!!!

What you behold also what lies underneath

The corpse belongs to the termites!

Soulless eyes, unappreciative and cruel species!

Be cautious with your bed of roses

With its thorn, you doubt your choice 

Somehow… I know, although unknown

Somewhere unknown you really exist 

A prince like you deserves the crown

The gentle facade is what’s in the heart too

Here, valiant you come and won’t let go

A true treasure belongs inside my chest 

Do you know how many cotton inside my pillow?
You don’t have to for they bring sweet dreams of us


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