Bloodshed Gala

  And so the tale is told to confirm the truth.  Indeed reality is harsh, and one must live with it.  

The prince no longer marched on a dream, he made a choice. He felt as the luckiest man to have her.  As he watched her walked, his heart jumped with joy.  All their friends also rejoiced for both of them.  Everything turned out perfect and he was the happiest man for he got the fairest of them all.  Well, do all stories end with happy endings or happily ever after? The truth of reality that what you perceived may not what it seemed.  

Where’s the prince?  Is he still waiting? What probably can go wrong??? Round and round, he danced with the one who wanted him the most.   The music turned into shrieking and happiness became fear.  The white in his eyes painted in red and he spinned no longer in cloud nine.

The prince is still in the gala and dancing with her.  How is it possible that she let go of him?  She promised she wouldn’t, didn’t she?  Why he can no longer hear the laughter only their cries?  Why can’t he comfort them? Why he can’t open his eyes, trap in the darkness of nowhere? How can he run away when he’s motionless?  He calls out for her but sees someone else.  Why this other woman keeps on crying? Wait, he knows her and even in difficult times, he is so stubborn to call out her name. Can that woman save him?  He needs not to ask because she’s always willing to do so.  Likewise, his pride is larger than the globe. He lets that woman cry until he drowns in her tears.  

Then, she said ‘I can barter my life with yours…’ Suddenly, he feels the world and feels her suffering.  Finally, he is awaken but she’s not there.  Where is she?

She’s not there for it is her turn and that’s real and the truth. God answers and the miracle he made fun is hers.  It’s that other woman’s gala and her dream is his nightmare.  

He can have her when he had the chance.  He remembers what she said, ‘isn’t life a beautiful carousel?’ Indeed, he lives to be the witness of it. 

Now, he knows.  



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