The Wall in Ur Heart


 I always get the blame, don’t I? Is it a forum or intervention? I’m put in the spot and I’m the villain in this story?  Wonder why???

Never knew I am bitter when I am the one always very sweet 

Never expected that I had pails of tears to cry a lot

Never thought of being disliked and hated

Never knew how to be the enemy

Never forgot to greet, smile and laugh aloud

Never out of words for something to say

Never gave a chance to others and be a good friend 

Never knew that I would be perceived as the worst woman ever existed 

Never knew that I would become who I am not now until you came along 

Life is full of surprises and tomorrow I will die again

The wall you created in your heart transformed me into someone I am not.  

Who I am then was really me… And I don’t know who I am now and you made me to be someone I am not….

Then, you built a wall in front of me 

You put a sign so that I can’t climb over

You don’t know and understand because you don’t how it feels

You don’t care and all you want to feel is hate me as if I am someone useless!!!

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