God is My Avenger


Dear God,
            Lord, am I a failure? I disappointed the ones I loved and it’s no surprising I am ignored and forgotten. I didn’t know that it will take me so long to recover. Then, in the end, everything I did never mattered.  Instead, I am considered as a nuisance. I am always taken wrongly. My gifts were considered rubbish. Is it incorrect to paint and write? Is it my fault I can do excellent stuff with my fingers and mouse? Am I really that bad to suffer? Am I really that awful for others to treat me this way? Yes, what differences settled when all attack was on me!!! Was it gender or race issues?  None of them remembered and they made me into someone I am not!  The cheerful and optimistic girl you molded became the worst woman ever existed!  Am I not worth something??? Why all they wanted was to wipe out my smiles and erased the memories of my laughter???  They only saw the worst in me, as if I am the worst and ugliest creation ever created.  

               Lord, am always to be blamed??? Is it all my fault??? Why can’t they see that they did me wrong too (specifically he)??? He, who couldn’t appreciate and never cared but only see and prove to himself that I am nothing….


            I love You, Lord. I trust in You.

Always Your adamant believer and follower,


jesus hug a woman

image via http://wp.patheos.com.

  My Dearest Child,    

     I spoke through the parables in your dreams represented by symbols. Like Joseph the Dreamer, I made you wise to fathom their meanings and representations in your life.  What happened were bound to occur for you are prepared for greatness. You were not punished for I love you more than anyone else. I allowed the devil to interfere to challenge your faith and test your strength. Congratulations! Indeed, you didn’t fail me. Be proud of your gifts for that made you special and unique. Those who see with their hearts appreciate you very much. Actually, it’s not that others can’t. It’s either they’re clouded with envy or they’re just full of themselves. My child, stay as gentle and kind as you are. There are reasons unknown. Continue to be glad and firm. Remember, all my children are molded with my hands. You are beautiful like your brothers and sisters. My child, I planted it in your heart and showed it in your dreams because it is yours. Your legacy will continue and your lineage will be the rulers among men and their names will be written all over.  Consequently, in your mansion will echo the voices of laughter. My child, I am impartial and unbiased. I am slow to anger but I will protect you from your foes. Justice is served and it is yours!

        My child, I love you more than you love me. Continue trusting me for I will not fail you.

Always your avenger,

“The Lord is My Strength”


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