The Joy in the Light


I thought that I wouldn’t pull it off. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to lead me the way.  Indeed, I was not left alone when I conducted the presentation.  Everything went smoothly despite the fact that my friend was in Italy to attend the Pope’s mass. 

The Liturgy of the Light is the presentation all about.  I maybe broken and it won’t be mended in a snap.  Yet, when I saw the kids and shared God’s words with them, I felt the joy and peace within.  

Whatever people will people say, I maybe wrongly judged but I know who I am.  In my heart, I am willing to be with others, willing to be there and always listen.

Even there were instances my smiles were stolen still God always knew where to find me and brought me to the light and found joy in serving Him.  It’s alright if I am not appreciated because I don’t know how to be flirtatious or sleep around.   For what matter most are the good deeds and intentions.  I know the people who didn’t dispose me without knowing me knew what’s in my heart.  I am grateful to those people who spared their time to know me very well rather than judging me incorrectly and always make me feel upset. 


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