The Art of Not Being Me

Thanks to different mobile apps and other editing software what you see online isn’t what it seems…

Thus, aside from physical enhancements through surgery, there are people in social media who can deceive others with their photos. I tried those apps on my selfies using apps such as Beauticam, Camera 360, Pip Camera and Picsart. Wow, I’m absolutely amazed and exclaimed ‘hey, this is no longer me!’ 

Do you think the people you see online or what they say is really who they are? Well, online is about deception… Don’t be easily carried away…

Do we really have to pretend or deceive to be liked or appreciated? True beauty isn’t what the eyes can behold and nowadays a lot people don’t bother at all.  

Are you who you post you are??? Or you post to get attention????


By Justin Bieber ‘Love Yourself’



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