You’re Very Bad to Her

She was ill and it was not a lie.  It was not an excuse to be not in work and be somewhere else…. 

You knew vey well that she tried to be a friend but all you did was pushed her away…. You were the meanest… The most cruel… And you treated her so badly…

Are you happy??? Remind everyone that you are the happiest and luckiest person alive!!!! Yet, that don’t give you rights to treat people badly when all she did was to be nice and kind because that was who she was….

You don’t to treat people like hell and make them feel ashamed with their feelings.  What give you rights to make fun when she was being sincere and truthful????

You are the most joyful!!!! Then, rejoice with your comrades and your princess!!!! Keep your happiness for a lifetime… Hold it until you can’t carry it at all!!!

Of course, you are feasting while she’s crying everywhere… Waking in the morning with tears and sleeping with wet eyes….  She did you nothing wrong but all you did was treat her unfairly and steal her smiles…. Can she draw again???? Why she isn’t singing?????

You’re very bad….   She loves what she’s doing but you’re taking it all away from her…. You had what you wanted…. You already kicked her out for you never welcomed her in the first place….


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