He’s Dead…

You’re my angel, my darling angel…

The lines of the song stuck in my head and Wade Wilson’s humorous lines made me life.  Well, he’s dead… Nope, he can’t die… He has healing powers and can regenerate if any of his body parts will be amputated or cut off…

He’s Deadpool not your typical superhero… He can truly love like any man in all love stories.  He’s appearace was distorted  and he looked like those horror movie characters like Freddie… He can’t die… He’s dead…DEADPOOL….

Dead pool. A dead pool, also known as a death pool, is a game of prediction which involves guessing when someone will die. Sometimes it is a bet where money is involved.   

By Juice Newton ” Angel in the Morning”



‘You don’t need to be a superhero to get someone.  The right person will make a hero out of you’


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