The Inside Job in this Incredible Show


I grew up as a happy child
I only knew how to laugh
I cried less for I was loved more
Naturally liked and adored
I shared my smiles and laughter
I brought happiness to others
However, as a child I was injured
Unkind words and discouragements
Despite all, I was confident
Years folded, I was courageous
I am my own hero, who needed who?
I didn’t mind growing old alone
As long as my father would stay
All that matter was my dreams
I didn’t expect to be with no one
There were those who bothered me
Probably, one would return
And I would make it work for real

Believe_Wallpaper_by_AmigoamigaYet, now I am no longer a child

So many sacrifices for other’s sake
Deceived and always taken advantage
No longer the center of the crowd
Always down with no cheerleader
Sadly, I can’t cheer myself too!
My shoes can’t give me thrill
My clothes are getting old too
I look at my teary reflection
Asking the Almighty my sad queries
“What have I done to you, Lord?
Why you don’t send me someone?
Did I forsake you, my dear God?
Why no one can’t see my worth?”
Indeed, life is an incredible show
Am I not worth having and loving?
Do I deserve to laugh once more?
Do I deserve to have that happiness?
How to be happy without nothing?
Well, isn’t happiness everywhere?
Giving myself a little time
A time to heal and let go
Be that little girl I used to be
Always happy and cried less
It won’t be so easy steps to take
I’ll try to climb and not give up
After all, it’s my duty, my inside job…




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