You’re Never Late

She was there and she rose up with pride, I stared with pang of jealousy in my heart. ‘What a lucky girl’ I whispered to myself. He belonged to her not to me. When she started reading, she trembled and she flared up. Was it possible that the language was difficult for her to articulate? 

Then, a familiar name called out my name.  I came to the rescue to the woman who had everything I wouldn’t have.  I read with joy not with pride for God’s words moved me in many ways.

Was it him? Of course,  he came for her not for me.  He approached someone I knew and I felt that it was impossible he’d come for me.  I headed to the church with so many fears in my heart.  I was anxious of being late for the mass. Then, an elderly churchgoer smiled beautifully and then said ‘You’re never late!!!! Always remember that….’  Does it matter when or how???

He looked at my eyes and smiled.  Finally, after a long time he used the sight of his core for the first time… He held me in his arms for a long time….He could see now.  God, he finally saw with his eyes…



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