Hug of the Devil

Sometimes you don’t feel like waking up

You don’t want to go to work and play dead

Sometimes you don’t want to climb the stairs

For every steps remind you of the smiles

Those laughter and chitchat shared

Sometimes you refused to continue

Never signed the papers for the card

Never complied the requirements necessary

what goes around

I always thought that I could belong

Be always be the friend to everyone else

I just wanted to be happy wherever I am

Bring smiles to others and be there for them

Then, the trauma of the passed returned

It was not for real and all for man’s greed

Silence of the lamb, the echo of fears inside

Why would I cry when he was there?

Should I be sad underneath his embrace?


For in moments when I am down

All I need is a simple care and a little cheer

Why do they make feel I am worst?

Am I everything but bad and mad to them?

So many people knows me better and more

I am not who they painted me in their heads

There’s no one there when I weep alone

Only the hug of the devil in a memory

Pulling me down to the pit of nothing…



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