On & Off with Life

I get hurt, I hold back my tears
Always insulted, I swallow my pride
I am angry, I calmed down myself
Am I truly mean? I tried to be kind
I want to speak out, I’m lost of words
I am outgoing, I stayed all day in my room
I am the center of the crowd, I’m left behind
I am scared, I pretended to be brave
I feel lonely, I thought of joyful memories
I want to cry, I never quit on smiling
I am down, I never lost confidence
I sometimes fail, I still have faith in success
I’m so exhausted, I don’t need an energy drink
At times I stumble, I rose up on my feet

I have no one, I saw God in my dreams

I lost someone, I will find someone special

I’m missing someone, I know you exist

Jul 22, 2010 @ 15:48

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