Wishes on Fireflies


I used to be happy and I am always happy

Time changes but not the faith in my heart

I won’t allow life steal nor take my smiles away

fireflies 3

I was loved and I am always loved by many

I’m capable of loving and I will not stop 

I do believe and I won’t give up believing


As a child, my delight was seeing fireflies

There lights glowing in the darkness

They were fairies lighting the night


As a child, I made wishes on fireflies

As a young adult, I kept on wishing on them

As a young lady, my wishes not forgotten


Wishes on fireflies glow within me

The light in my gloomy situation

I never doubted and won’t stop believing

fireflies 2

My wishes on fireflies are not gone

Somewhere you’re thinking of me

My love, the fireflies will light your way

i love you

by Owl City “Fireflies”

genevieve believer


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