Can I Cross the Road?


U were there with ur friends.  Another Friday night, was it?   At the opposite side… Can I cross the road? Perhaps, not. It was off limits for me.  I remembered those days when I was in. It made me happy and I am grateful to God that I found new acquaintances.  As innocent as ever, in my mind I believed to find new friends to laugh, share and talk with.  I was being me… it was not for the show… I am not in for the praises.  I am being me and dressed up as me.

Moreover, I knew something was not right.  I knew it!!! I was true and I enjoyed hanging around only to uncover that I don’t belong.  I am never welcomed even from the beginning… my gender? my race? my faith? my looks?  It was foolish pf me to believe then that I possibly and truly found new friends to find joys of that moment… I am nothing but a laughingstuff… a joke…. Do u think that I can be like other girls u know?

U don’t know me because u kicked me before giving me that chance… U only thought I am faking it… Yeah, I am miserable and weak as shown… It’s true for u but not to those people in my past who knew me very well….

Absentmindedly looking at Mac desktop, my two-year old niece approached me saying “Papa, Ate Viv..Papa!”  Then, she placed her prince charming toy on my chest.  Papa Prince Charming indeed!  Magdilang-anghel ka sana, little angel…. carrier of the message from heavens… there’s always a Prince Charming in my heart? Will u let me cross? Can I cross the road, my beloved?


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