Not 18 today

I am not 18 today 

And I won’t be 18 again

Does it matter how old I get?

What’s with the age anyway?

I don’t wish to be 18 again

I only wish that those people 

I knew when I was 18 stayed

They believed and trusted me

They liked me for who I was

They knew I am not faking

They saw the goodness in me

When I was 18, I never cried

I was never alone, always bright

If only I meant to love then,

Perhaps, I could share my all

I can’t be 18 again

Yet, I remembered waking up

My father with his friends’ serenades

I had a big cake and new dress

Lots of food that my parents prepared

I was bubbly and high spirited

No need to dare ask, they’d take that courage…

I was the coward at 18

I am not 18, what an irony!!!

In many ways, God blessed me!!!

Dear God, can you please bring them back!!!

U know that I can love with all my heart

If given the chance and one can see

I can give my all… My life too!

I’m no longer 18, not coward anymore!!!!

Just one, one is just perfect for me!!!!

I don’t want many, just one and only


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