The Five Little Monkeys in Hell

  There were five little monkeys all named John

The first John was cute and innocent

The second John always brought sour fruits

The third John always put his hands on his head

The fourth John had the loudest laugh

The fifth John thought he was the most beautiful

Well, everybody knew that mirrors never lied

Once they were shown the way to the light

Laughed out loud and ignored its presence

No getting out of darkness, to hell they went

Hey, hell wasn’t that fearful as stated in the Bible!

In hell, they got everything they desired

The first John danced in all beats with no end

The second John ate all kind of sour fruits

The third John held a huge and most expensive crown on his head

The fourth John laughed and laughed endlessly 

The fifth John was showered with praises as the fairest of them all!

The first John stopped dancing and remembered his Father

He said, ‘I’m tired in hell. I am going back to my Dad’

Loser they called him and they forgot he existed

Then, the second John asked, ‘can I have sweets?’

‘Nope, in hell you get what you deserved,’ Satan replied

‘Satan, the crown on my head is heavy,’ the third one complained

‘Ha! Ha! It’s gold and beauty you want. Why complain?’

‘Satan, it is fine with me to feel other emotions too,’ the fourth suggested

‘Come on, are you sure? You who enjoy over other’s miseries won’t want that!’

The fifth John kept quiet, he was the most arrogant of them all

‘Do you think that I don’t know fifth John?’ Satan said

‘I am aware that you missed that light.  My friend, no turning back!’

The four remaining monkeys had it all in hell

Yet, there was no satisfaction and that made their stay tormenting

The light of salvation never gave up on them

God’s people had strong hearts and authentic goodness

There was no happiness in hell, the little monkeys discovered  

Thus, one by one, the other monkeys followed God’s men

Yet, the fifth John remained because he was stuck to his pride

He stayed in hell but he always remembered with regrets

The wounds unhealed and torturing miseries

God did sent the fifth John a hand to hold and be redeemed

Yet, he refused to see and believed in his own wisdom

  There’s always salvation to all and God sent His men 

The loving Almighty wanted all His children home

Even if the fifth John knew, he still walked away many times

Who is the luckiest then? Is it the one who has it all?

Is the pitiful the one who sees the light and loves truly and deeply?

There were five little monkeys who were in hell

They had fun feasting with the Devils but something was not right

God never surrendered even He saw the red flag 

One by one He redeemed each and brought in true paradise

Yet, the last one never listened and suffered a perpetual sorrow

God never gives up on us but we just can’t see

How many people of God whom you refused to enter in your life?

Are you no different from the fifth John who chose to be in hell?


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