Can U Paint a Skunk?

  Stinky and smelly

 Teller of untruths

Flesh of darkness

Spinner of yarns 

Scary big eyes!

Lucky, skunk…

Fortunate indeed

Leaping happily

Journey the wild

Will you grab a canvas?

Can you paint a skunk?

Almighty, mercy to the artist!

True talents have no price

Goodness will prevail

Who is truly blessed???

A skunk will always be a skunk

Who belongs to his kind

Yet, he can be saved too

If only the artist knows how…
Will you dare to paint it???

Waste your time, it won’t care!

Jokes behind, no mercy to you

Does what they say matters???

God’s gifts ought to be shared

Even unseen, the artist survives

The skunk won’t change

Foul smell will be all his

Yet, the artist will shine 

With God’s grace and in His time!



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