What day when it happened? Why did he ask when he knew that he wouldn’t forget?  He thought, he would be the happiest man in the world and the luckiest to be with that girl.  Of course, he was nothing but a fool to fall prey with the deceptions.  A man’s woman is indeed a man’s downfall! Even King David fell for such…

He wondered if she’s still praying for him.  How he wish that she won’t bother saying her prayers because he wanted to die.  The doctors said that he won’t be the same. He lost the will to live. Why he never wiped her tears when he had the chance? Why he let her cry?

Why they wanted to revive him when the men in uniform will take away his freedom?  ‘Darn, that girl!’ He clasped his fist.  Then, when he remembered another one’s smiles, tears were flowing from his eyes. (Someone who cared and loved deeply who was willing to give and ask nothing in return)

It’s been years after that tragic day.  It took him courage to write to her.

He wrote, ‘If I can return to that day, I will not say no. I will come.  But, when I had the chance I didn’t.  I turned my back to the care, honesty, kindness, loyalty, thoughtfulness, truthfulness, understanding and LOVE.  Now, I’m getting none of that.”

When you walk away, you don’t know what you lose until everything is gone; and there’s no way of turning back.  You will only get what you give to the world and your life is a reflection of your actions.

She stays and she’s not moving but God knows what she deserves. Thus, he feels sorry a million times.

A inmate looked at the cake he drew and commented, ‘what an ugly cake we have here… Same every year!’  By the way, it’s not his birthday… that day…that day.. if only, he can return on that day, he might get all… Now, he’s getting none of that…


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