Draw a Circle



Ridiculed and mocked

What face should she show?

She’s not bad nor evil

But, no one can see

In the end, nothing matters 

Can she bring any back?


If Red is here today,

She will surely not cry

If only she believed then

If she only followed a friend 

Maybe in America it’s better

If she chose to be poor 

Living in poverty with him

Money can’t buy all

No lies, no deceptions

Draw a circle, Lord

Fix a broken heart 

Tell her to be alright

Count the blessings

She can draw, can’t she?

Sketches of her love

She can write, can’t she?

Compositions of her heart


Draw a circle, Lord

Justice is being served

The wrath of thunder

Crawl the egocentric 

Bandages on reflection 

Can the serpent stroll?

Only butterflies fly 

Up high, to greater heights!

Mute the gong, no speech

The ungrateful will uncover

Everything is taken, all gone


Draw a circle, Lord

Humble the proud

Listen to your child

Wheels of luxury 

Only brings misfortune 

Let them know, you exist!

Slippery road in darkness

Cease the liberty of a fool

One will labor no more

Who will laugh last?


Draw a circle, Lord

Protect your daughter

Your bride, your child

Her service is yours

Her innocence, a joke 

Arrogance and stubbornness

Let her see none of them

Wipe them away into the Sea

The Israelites were redeemed!

What happened to the pharaoh?



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