Round and Round Like a Carousel



 Blind man can’t see. But they can feel, don’t they?

What’s the worst birthday gift ever?

A broken girl, riding solo in the carousel

The wedding bells are not hers, only tears

What wrong can she possibly done?

She only loves with all her heart and soul

Is this the devil’s scheme to torture her?

Dear God, why can’t he see your daughter?

The girl who always give, expecting nothing

Why no one wants to know how lucky they can be?

To be loved by her and be valued forever 

What has she done to be misinterpreted?

She was not trying to impress, she only wants to care

She can draw him very well and write for him

You said, do not do unto others what you don’t want 

All her life, all she did was love but  neglected 

Alone in the carousel, her tears won’t stop

She is not weird, only misunderstood 

If only he sees, if he lowers down his flag 

He is the happiest man he claimed to have another one

What do you know, round and round like a carousel

Her tears may turn to laughter and vice versa

What goes up will always go down



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