What Am I to U?

Her friend said, “when people are drawn to darkness they are afraid of the light.  Don’t worry it’s not your lost.”

Nowadays, people’s perception about love is something she doesn’t know and will never understand.

Love for her is a gift from God that ought to be shared and let one realized how special they are… Carpe diem, seize the moment… Time lost today will never regain because all you have is now that will be tomorrow’s yesterday.

Why there are people who see love as an opportunity with conditions and limits?  Love is not about what you can gain from it but what you can give.  No return and no exchange.  No regrets.

It should not anger but bring joy.  Love should not pissed anyone but bring kindness and understanding.  She wants to love with all purity and truthfulness of her heart.  She is not a bad woman, she’s obedient to God.  Is there something wrong if she lives by the commandments and the beatitudes?  Is it wrong to do what is right?

It was for the fun of it, her indirect way of saying I miss you when you are away because I care for you…


‘What am I to you?’he asked.  Why he asks when the answer is so obvious? She didn’t answer immediately but she said that he’s always special.  She tries to share her love even if she doesn’t know how and even if she’s scared with her actions….She did what she could because she wanted him to feel that he is loved by her and always special…


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