Innocent Sketches

It was my 4th year in high school when my male classmate drew me on the whiteboard.  He referred me as ‘White Queen’.  I was not happy with it but I never scolded him or all the boys who used to disturb me.  I just hid in the library reading books, drifting into its pages as my prince waltz with me in my imagination…

Then, I started teaching and it was not new when the kids drew me.   Should I be unhappy about it and hide again?

Well, I want to bring forth not only learning but also smiles, and not only faith but joy.  With their innocent sketches, made me pondered for awhile.  It’s alright that they’ll forget the lessons as long as they’re happy.  After all, they will learn more as they progress in their education.  But they are young once.  A youth wasted will never be returned.  Let children grow happily while guiding them…. The kids will come and go each year but their innocent sketches will remain.  Others may not see me but I know they can and always do.  

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