My Life is a Beauty


my life is a beuaty

It’s alright when people is indifferent.  Perhaps, they have their concerns, opinions, reasons and thoughts.  No matter how others may judge, nothing matters at all because I have me, myself and I.  Gone were those days when I let the thorns stopped me from flying.  Gone were those days when I looked at the dark side of my realm and my predicaments hindered me from being myself.


Why should I care? It’s never wrong to love with no explanation and if it’s a crime will you jail me in your heart?  Is love for mockery or for humiliation? Love is a gift and a blessing.  There’s no shame in love. It’s no error and no one’s fault.  It’s our minds that proclaim the verdict but our hearts see the truth.

My pride swallowed by the quicksand.  I stood still from where I am having faith that no matter how crooked my journey be I just keep in mind and heart that ‘my life is a beauty’.  There’s nothing to hope in some situations only to live with courage because God is with me in all things I do and where I am.


by Taeyon ‘I’


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