can i maKe u smile…

What’s going on in that pretty head of yours?

Are you mad or are missing her that much?

What can I do if you don’t want me to?

I tried so hard, you don’t see. I back off!

What can I do if she is the one you desire?

You judged me wrongly coz of my miseries

You have no idea how great was the pain

I survived and perpetually felt blessed 

A chance to prove myself always denied

Will you let me be and stop moving backwards?

I am not bad nor I am no devil’s child

Do you think I lied or I am such a fake?

My intentions are pure. Cutie, will you try?

I only want to give and share all joy 

What’s with the long face and the big frown?

Although scared that you will get mad

Let me, I’ll make you the happiest one

Don’t be sad if she is not here for I can be

Do you think I can’t do what she can?

Blow your mind… Can I maKe u smile?


Why won’t you believe you are special to me?

I can possibly love u and let’s have dinner feast everyday!!!😇😉😘

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