Crafts for Heaven’s Children

I went to the toilet for a long time. Why? I was actually there because I dozed off… There were many times when I’m gone for long in the toilet not because of my drama but sometimes I fall asleep or lost in my thoughts.

Thy hands I offer to God to serve others.  It’s alright if he prefers sex workers.  I will remain to be me, a homebody with a heart for God and others. 

Compatibility???  You won’t know when you never give it a chance.   

  It’s a long day at work.  Yet, I still managed to attend the training for catechisms for preparing my upcoming L3 kids for their first Reconciliation and Holy Communion.


 I am blessed God gave hands to do art.  I’m sharing my works in His glory.  It’s alright others may not appreciate what I can do or the goodness in me.  Man is blind with his pride, criteria and reasons. However, the Almighty sees even little deeds and appreciate it all.  

Maybe, I am not who you think I am. 

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