Like Sarah


Sarah’s Troubles
7 That same day in the city of Ecbatana in Media, it happened that Sarah, the daughter of a man named Raguel, was insulted by one of her father’s servant women. 8 Sarah had been married seven times, but the evil demon, Asmodeus, killed each husband before the marriage could be consummated. The servant woman said to Sarah,

You husband killer! Look at you! You’ve already had seven husbands, but not one of them lived long enough to give you a son.[d] 9 Why should you take it out on us? Why don’t you go and join your dead husbands? I hope we never see a child of yours!
10 Sarah was so depressed that she burst into tears and went upstairs determined to hang herself. But when she thought it over, she said to herself,
    No, I won’t do it! People would insult my father and say,
    You had only one child, a daughter whom you loved dearly, but she hanged herself because she felt so miserable. Such grief would bring my gray-haired father to his grave, and I would be responsible. I won’t kill myself; I’ll just beg the Lord to let me die. Then I won’t have to listen to those insults any longer!
Sarah’s Prayer
11 Then Sarah stood by the window, raised her arms in prayer, and said,

God of mercy, worthy of our praise,
    may your name always be honored,
    may all your creation praise you forever.
12 Lord, I look to you for help.
13 Speak the word and set me free from this life;
    then I will no longer have to hear these insults.
14 You know, O Lord, that I’m still a virgin;
    I have never been defiled by a man.
15 Never have I disgraced myself or my father’s name,
    as long as we have lived in this land of exile.
My father has no other child to be his heir,
    and there is no relative[e] whom I can marry.
I have already lost seven husbands,
    so why should I live any longer?
But if it is not your will to take my life,
    at least show mercy to me.
Don’t let me hear those insults again!

God Hears the Prayers of Tobit and Sarah
16 As Tobit and Sarah were praying, God in heaven heard their prayers 17 and sent his angel Raphael to help them. He was sent to remove the white film from Tobit’s eyes, so that he could see again, and to arrange a marriage between Sarah and Tobit’s son Tobias, who, as her cousin, had the right to marry her. Raphael was also ordered to expel the demon Asmodeus from Sarah. At the very moment that Tobit went back into his house from the courtyard, Sarah, in her house in Ecbatana, was coming downstairs.


I said my prayers and what I asked a friend crossed my mind for reflection.  Am I not chosen because of my desires to serve God through others and be there for my family? Is a prostitute favor over me?  I broke my heart more than Sarah broke hers.  I am not a saint totally imperfect but I strive to become a woman my father wanted me to be.  It was upsetting to uncover that men rather want someone who satifies their lusts over someone who is pure and true, and be there through thick or thin.   As  I continued reflecting, the name Sarah flashed in my head.   I know in my heart that good men who favored decent women and couldn’t be manipulated by sex and social media don’t exist in my past.  There’s someone like Tobias who seees not with his eyes but his heart, and his judgements from God’s wisdom. 

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