How to say I love you…

past in the past

Will I forget? Didn’t  I make this choice a decade ago?

Was it just another episode of a dream last night?

The voice from the past haunting me till now

Should I run off then when the offer was there?

Can I trade high heels and nice dresses for affection?

Will I abandon my books  and paintbrushes for you?

Am I ready to dwell not in my dream house?

How can I explain to my friends or face my family?

Is my happiness connected to what will others say?

I made this choice and I chose not to believe then

For I thought, love was illusion and you were unreal

A make believe story of youth and a poem I wrote

Last night, in my thoughts you waited for so long

Didn’t I always make you wait and hard to persuade?

From a distance you traveled into my thoughts

“Are you alright?” you asked (you always cared)

I bubbly and quickly replied and you were not convinced

Out of my thoughts awaken alone in my bed

I asked repeatedly, ‘am I?’ in my dreams I did lie

If I given up what I have now for you, will I be happier?

Blame me not, if I chose not to follow and stayed

I was young, carefree, confident and independent

My liberty was everything and I was a big dreamer

Forgive me if I never believed that you did care

Somehow I did matter to you and I am loved by you

I was confused, always a coward and uncertain

Did I say those words? Did I tell you I also care?

Thank you for being so brave in loving me

I wish I can be you to have the courage to love him

I cared for you in my ways but I love him above all…

How did you do that? Teach me how to let him know!

How to say I love you when the past is in the past?

How to say I love you when the present can’t see?


“Let It Go” by Idina Menzel ost Frozen


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