Dance with Destiny (My Cousin’s Wedding)

Two days ago, I was on the plane trying to compose my thoughts  with what should I say for my speech’s today at the wedding reception.  As I looked at the fluffy clouds outside my view, all the memories I had with my cousin, Michelle appeared in my sight.  I saw both us when we were little girls.  I used to put a Cadena de amor wreath on her head and pushed her to be married to our (gay) neighbor… A pretend game, a role play that little girls’ wish that would happen to them when they grow up.  After several years of failed relationships, my cousin wish did come true.  No more pretending, no more games and role playing. A once little girl’s wish to reality.

I added in my speech ‘iba talaga ang may pinagsamahan, San Miguel beer’.  Of course, that can be missed for we were drinking buddies together with the Ayen, Che-Che, Jiji, Yeye and Joan. Well, all of them are taken except for yours truly.  Save the best for last!!!

And so today, ended with a smile on our face despite of the issues.  My cousin, Michelle been to a lot and endured all the broken hearts. Finally the tune of fate is in favor of her.  

And now, how happy I am witnessing her dancing with destiny….



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