And I Love U So

To papa dearest, you’re always remembered and you dwell forever in our hearts.

Papa, you may departed but not even a single day I have forgotten or failed to say my prayers for you.  It has been 13 years, but my love for you never faded and it remains in my heart.

I am so grateful for your love.  It is the best that I had.  Every time I feel rejected, unloved and ignored, I just returned to the world where you belonged to me and you loved me the most.  No one may see my worth as you did and I am always misjudged. You always told me that I am never least than others and you were so lucky to have me.  

I am willing and ready to share my love papa… Take care and never leave for someone…. I guess, I am in my worst now to deserve the hate and be disregarded… And not to be forgiven…. Still in my heart I remained truthful…. I hope that someone will say his lucky to be loved by me like u did…rather than be pissed at me as if I committed the gravest sin in the world.  

Papa, I am so old now but I am always that little girl who cries in the dark and loving you purely and innocently…. 

Papa your dreams for me brought me here and I love you very much…

My heart is broken still I hold into my silence and not fooled around even if the temptations keep on knocking…. Hope one day you’ll see me and you ‘ll find me in your heart… Giving me the chance to be there….You are who you are and I love you so….



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