Hidden Treasure


It’s almost a year since I laid eyes on you
That moment then, you captivated my heart
I like your chin, eyes, looks and smile
I guess, I like everything about you
Yet, I am troubled in my pathetic world
Imprisoned in a past and wishing for another

However, I like you very much, a lot…
Can you be him? Or can he be you for awhile?
Why can’t you be him who sees my smile?
He, who made me smile beautifully erased it
Am I left with my tears and heartaches inside
I don’t blame you for not seeing me same way

Beyond what you don’t know, I’m not rotten
I can do what your so many girls can do
Do you think I mind flying to cloud nine with you?
The misconceptions and misjudgments are there
The fault is mine and hope you’ve forgiven me
What is hidden, a treasure worth keeping forever


I want to take this risk, I want to try
Yet, you keep on going there and somewhere
When all you need is to stop… listen, look and feel
I am a woman too, only broken and shattered
There’s so much I want to say but I can’t express
Keeping my love for you inside, my hidden treasure

i love you that way

im in love with you



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