Enlightenment: $10 for every Tears


I am totally bad, I am absolutely awful
I push people away and isolate myself
Giving them impressions of who I am
Faults are mine and I am to be blamed
Have I really forgiven the errors?
Am unwilling to let go of my past?
Did I shut my door to everyone else?
Am I punishing myself for what I did?
Am I still suffering for what he did?
Am I moving forward or I can’t let go?
Am I looking for what can make me happy?
Or am I just so addicted to the pain?
Do I truly trust God or I dwell in fears?
Am I still residing in that world
Where he was there and I am the sinner?
Perhaps, we don’t choose who meet
But we have options to where to go
And we must owned up to our choices
We don’t have reasons who to love
Yet, it’s our decision to leave or stay
Will we let love blossom or throw it away?
Diamonds are hard to find, will you let go one?
Well, there’s always room for improvement
Adjusting to others and blend with them
Accepting them for who they are with respect
I might be still keeping secrets to myself
Yet, I won’t barter my breath for Brave Frontier
Sadness won’t be erased so abruptly
Then, I should let time heal my broken-heart
He’s gone now, that somebody I used to know
No more wasting of tears and crying time
Perhaps, God’s voice is given to others
To bring back my smile and find joy
Not a formal intervention, an enlightenment
There’s a price I will pay for my weeping
Fine me with $10 for every tears I’ll shed!!!

I'm coming Home

By Sigma ft. Rita Ora “Coming Home”


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