Will She be Her Best Friend Again???


Will she remember the girl with big cheeks and smile?
After been missing for years, will she welcome her?
What will she say to her? Is her excuse acceptable?
Nothing good happen to her life and she’s exhausted?
What does she achieve and she has nothing to show her?
All her dreams don’t turn according to her schemes
She knows her so well, does the present change the past?
She is that same girl she used to know with a fading smile
She is still alone and always no one there to care
Will she tell her how many times she has been broken?
Will she her and them again with a shattered heart?
Will she march in as a coward or will she just pretend?
Yet, she knows that she can lie to others but not her
What will she say to her friend about how alone she is?
Will she ever want to see after so many times she vanished?
Will she embrace her and be her best friend again?
If only children don’t grow old and high school days remain
If only the world just stop moving and friendship stays
She misses her a lot and she has so many tales to tell
How will she face her when within she feels empty and shattered?
Will she take the courage even there are no miracles?

by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston “When You Believe”

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