And that explains it all

‘He doesn’t like you!’

Ouch!  Why am I bad person?

Yeah, I’m a drama queen… It’s because I can’t understand why God sent me to the unfriendliest place in the globe.  I can’t comprehend why this special feeling to someone who only see my flaws not my strengths.  Every time I beg God to give me the power to endure and love even more….

Yet, how can you love the unwilling?  I have so much love that I can give which is free of charge.  How can I give all my love with it is unaccepted?  How will you measure love?  How can I love the one who only push me downhill?

And that explains the change of schedule… None of my business, why on earth I feel this way?  I question God, why this gift now when that whom it may concern will just toss it away without seeing its worth… the purity and truthfulness…. It doesn’t matter… It’s a beauty contest, the prettiest wins…. And move away me, only bitches rule!   

A big thank you for the snacks…. It is not only intended to me, I know.  I only want to keep it but I asked permission before doing so…. I enjoyed eating it so much and it never hit me that I should share for everyone…. That explains the no response….

Yet, God taught me a valuable message today…. Lift up to Him all my worries.  Yes, He listens and answers.  Even if when others don’t think of me, He thinks of me above all….  There’s nothing wrong with be righteous and I am happy being a Christian.  I enjoy my faith… God loves me above all….



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