And There He Goes Again

He said, “tell me when you’re ready I’ll recommend someone for you…”

She said, “really???” And he smiled.   “Why someone else when I want you??? Will you go out with me???” She asked.

As usual he didn’t reply.  He couldn’t hear because he never listened.  The problem was he always didn’t pay attention.  If he did listen carefully, if he chose not to eagerly wait at the messages of his phone… He’ll surely see that she’s one amazing girl.

There he goes again… He who cannot read this post and can’t even see the hints between the lines.  

There she goes again, the coward and pretender.  The problem is, she’s scared to scare him and he might slip away like others did.

There problem is, they chose fear over courage.  He who chose to be blind for he fears others words for judgments and ridicules maybe beyond what he can shoulder.  She who chose to hide because she fears the worst.

There they go again two grownups with little courage, a five year old kid can whack their heads to bring out their brave spirits.  Why won’t they stand up like real man and woman with feelings and needs? Not pair of losers who are about to be skin-fried.  Tell them, their meeting is unplanned and what unfolds is not what Science can explain.  It must be fate.  Magic isn’t restricted to kids, it’s for adults also.

And there he goes again… Looking forward to be another when she’s always there.  When will he ever gets it that she meant the words I miss you??? She always misses him and those words are sincere not jokes.   By the way, after two years she saw the tail of that monster again… She wanted to tell him… She wanted to… And we all know, he will never give a damn…
He won’t read not because he can’t… He won’t read because he chose not to…



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