Dear Devil,


Every time there’s that possibility, you keep on whispering ‘dream off, you won’t!’.  Then, you envelop me with your cold arms causing me to feel so much aching, depression and loneliness.  You want me to feel awful of myself and make me think that I am the hideous and ugliest girl in the world.  You do what you’re good at, taking them all of them from me.

Remember what you did, messing up my summer.  You spoiled the fun and let closer proximity triumphed.  It was all your doing but I never despised you for that.  I reserved not only one.  Oh, I should thank you for giving me your minion!  Yeah, you let everyone gossiped about and all those false accusations were the nutrients you fed to those closer to you.  I’m sorry to tell that you didn’t win for dreams and will were firm and I wouldn’t let you beat me.

Hey, you never gave up on destroying my faith!  The music belonged to me but you put so many distractions and even included someone related to me.  How could you when those songs really moved my heart?  Then, again, you gave me an offer your somewhat semi-minion.  Even if I was at the darkest moment in my life, I never gave in to you.

So, you shouted out loud with mockery ‘friend zone’! LOL, just friends… How dare you to ridicule me? Yet, something good returned to me but you led me to the path were I almost believed you.  I could probably have it but you told me it was all but a joke. I listened and laughed.  I was the one who got away.  Another taken….

I am not getting younger and you told me my charm faded.  Shut up! So, I declared that I wouldn’t allow you to hurt me anymore.  I sealed my heart. I kept my distance. I built barricades.  Not anymore.  Yet, God brought me to that place when the voice in my dreams had a face.  Almost there but what you sent your temptress and the need of the flesh was irresistible.  Just for that, everything gone… Friendship ruined! Thanks to you… I had to leave and focus on my dreams.  You may destroyed my core but never my goals.

I worked so hard to pay the bills.  Probably working like a cow doing a lot of part time jobs, juggling work and post-grad studies.  I did well, so moved away!  My professors appreciated me, want to see proof? Yet, there I was on the 4th level looking accidentally of something I should had seen for a long time.  How foolish of me not to get a hint?  You knew so well who to use in getting into my nerves.  Oh, how you hated that I am easily and naturally liked! Did it hurt that I am popular to where I was then?  I could have my ambition and desire but you sent those wolves in a sheep’s clothing.  You made me despised God for His followers didn’t practice what they preached and they were worst than all the sinners.  ‘I am never ever coming back!’  You carved the fury that I had for my mother land and I disappeared in the lives of those people I once cherished and valued with all my heart.

Faraway from you.  When I thought there was escape, you brought me the worst situation that blinded my hope and turned away my faith.  How many times you wanted me in your realm?  It was then that when you were almost the victor.  God knew I wanted to get away but I listened to you.  How am I different from others? I did my best and the beast had its way to destroy me.  I lost it all! I agreed with you, I am indeed the ugliest.  Nonetheless, my Lord wasn’t asleep He saved me.

The road to salvation was beating your advocates and fighting my inner feelings that were slaughtering me each day.  You gave me all those false and foolish hopes.  Were you rejoicing with every tears that dropped from my eyes?  You must feast every time I suffered.  I lost my God-given wisdom because of your many doings.

Now, I bravely exclaimed ‘I condemn you and leave me alone!’  Go away and return to hell!  Are you taking this gift again? I have so much love in my heart that I can willingly share.  Love is God’s greatest gift.  So what? I am not lesser than others.  Perhaps, inside the square room I am non-existent.  It’s alright because I had so many beautiful memories of love despite all the sorrows you brought to me.  I was not valiant enough to fight you then but not this time.  Rain and storm will come but I will stand still.  I will serve my Lord, in many ways and I will not stop on believing.  Isn’t it a miracle that I withstand it all?  After all, what won’t kill me will make me stronger.

There were messages and calls that didn’t come from me that caused another’s heart to be delighted.  I could do everything others capable of doing.  Dear Devil, you won’t win this time.  I claim what belongs to me.  Get lost!

by Smash Mouth “Accidentally in Love”

gen is in love


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