Wanna Be There But I’m Here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=117ATv7SbmY&sns=emBy The Pogues “Love You ‘Till the End” ost PS I Love You 

The cute blue cup unused, never wanted at all

Wanted to check again and again…. Wake up, it’s someone else’s duty…

Omigosh!!! Worried as hell… Am I supposed to be working?  Yet, my mind wondering elsewhere

Can I make a soup? What did the doctor say? Is everything okay?  Why the heck I am writing here what I can possibly directly send???? Coward… 

Idiot!!! Face it!!! Another is happy with another’s care!!! Jesus, make everything alright!!!

Wanna be there but I’m stuck here… Ok, fine I’m making this soup for my imagination and drink it as well for my imagination….

People are happy and I should be happy too… Life isn’t selfish and self-centered…. Got a work!!!! 

Why am I not seen???? Don’t know how everything works…. And how I ended up falling for this stupid feelings… The fault is mine…. Dating, going out and kissing and more in my head….

Alright??? Fine??? God will take care of you…. I’ll send my angel to you….

I am here and wanna be there taking good care of you…


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