Sunny Rain


 Her name is Babe, a girl whose face can’t attract thousand ships

Ordinary and simple, a believer and a dreamer

She can easily laugh and quick to give anyone her smile 

She’s her Papa’s darling, she loves him with all her heart

She’s always been there for everyone, do you know?
She works hard for a decent place, away from the slums

She enjoys her food and prepares her meal (she’s not over 60 kg!)

She is caring, thoughtful and generous… Not faking it all!

She includes everyone in her prayers and value each one

You are always in her thoughts and she can’t despise you

Yet, in a sunny day it always rain for no one wants her

She draws, sews and cooks; and shares a little that she has

No heavy makeup, no pretty edited FB cover and profile pic

She can’t sing and dance but she performs for others

Rejected and unaccepted, she’s weird and bad-tempered (as what you presumed)

She maybe sweet and loving, she’s somewhere not needed 

Her heart bleeds in silence and she cries at the corner

The grass must be greener at the other side while it storms in her roof

Meanwhile, the world rotates and the weather changes

Can you keep your happiness perpetually?

Will you live in a dreamland and illusions forever?

What is real always not seen and overlooked?

What is true is always ignored and never be picked?

What is there has it’s expiration date and has a big price to pay

Her love is endless, loyal, authentic and never fading 

She holds God’s hand and have faith that she’ll surpass it all

When your side is not that green anymore, it will rain so hard like hers

Her thunderstorms will move to yours, will you survive?

In losing, one triumphs and wins… the face of the real loser reveals

You’ll always remember and never forget her name

She loves you with all her being… In your memory carved her name, Babe…

She can be yours but you choose to let her go

Her name is Babe, she loves you from the beginning and it has no end


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