To the guy not so faraway


Never heard of you and it never occured to you that I always thought of you.


If you were there, you always get lost with your mobile device.  Hey, I was talking and the peopke in your FB friend list and contact list are so much entertaining and interesting compared to me.  What can I do? I don’t know how to talk and I have poor communication skills.   Why will you talk when the way you sound is hilarious for other’s ears?  You wanted to be cheerful every morning but you are just ignored all the time???? Deadly silence in the morning…. I whisper to myself, ‘thank you God for this beautiful and for agreeing with my mirror that I look fine each day’.


Yet, don’t you know that it doesn’t need a genius and psychic to know that you always leave the room to make special calls? My awareness is my torture.  When my messages ignored and unreplied, I oftentimes remind myself that I am definitely fine.  I am impossible to reach out but if I attempt to do so, it only means you matter the most.

I just kesp my drawings to myself.  No one will ever like them anyway.  I bought a local snack.  The shop owner recommended that it’s very tasty. I said with excitement, “ok, I’ll buy for my friend then”. 

The shop owner said, “how lucky your friend is, I wish I am your friend”.  I only hope my friend actually knows that.  I am weird and I don’t talk that much about what’s inside.   When I was about to fly and feel free to feel, someone in my past broke my wings and thought me to shut up…. Will you blame for acting this way?   I try to be me but you always push me at the corner and ignore me all the time…. You should have known that I can do what other girls can and what you can only imagine…. You should have known that I can love you more and the most….




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