We are where we are

love that's my own

Thank you for the moments you lent to me
Thank you for giving me those calls and messages
Thank you for the long walks and meals shared
Thank you for running my errands all the time
Thank you for the concern and the scoldings
Thank you for delighting me with your presence
We can’t return to where we used to be
The world rotates and we are where we are

Thank you for inviting me and going out with me
Thank you for putting aside others for my sake
Thank you for not unlocking the untold tales
Thank you for making me smile and laugh
Thank you for waiting, the gifts and surprises
Thanks for staying despite what I did, said and wrote
Thank you very much for being just my friend
Perhaps, there are unexpected turn of events
We’re moving forward to be where we are

Thank you for noticing me and reaching out
Thank you for seeing the goodness of my heart
Thank you for not being scared when I was horrible
Thank you for believing that I am not a monster
Thank you for appreciating my skills and uniqueness
Thank you for allowing me to be insane once in awhile
Above all, thank you so much for letting me go

What will happen next is beyond my control
Yet, I can be happy now even if you are not here
Because God brings us to where we are to find ourselves
We are where we are missing yesterday and fly away
We are where we are making new memories with others
Laughing out the loudest and crying at the corner
Living our lives to the fullest, not knowing what’s next…
And so what??? The mystery of life makes each day beautiful!

(P.S. this poem is for all the boys and men who used to be there and I actually did matter)

stop looking

love will find yousomeday

fairy tale

by ABBA “Super Trouper”

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