The Place Where the Sun Never Shines


“I get you,” irritated?

You thought that you did but you actually didn’t.  Unexpectedly and unplanned, I am back to the place wrapped with darkness.  Can sinners hide from God?  Will Jesus redeem the ones who decided of not following the light?

“Is there more to know?” An insane query of a curious child who had fallen somewhere not here.  You smiled with pride even it was meant for another’s destruction?

Have you visited it lately? A place of doom where tears were concealed and the trauma still torturing inside.  Sometimes, as human as we are, bound to our weaknesses and can easily be deceived with words.  The light was nowhere to be found.  In that horrible day, deaf to the angel’s precautions and allowing the devil to lead the way. 

Where are you heading? Are you going there again?  Nope, not me.  In that place condemned by Heaven, the paradise in hell… a place where the sun  never shines… Left are scars and gloominess. We can never find happiness in our wrong deeds.

“I get you…”  concerned??? I wish you did…if only you did…. then, you should have seen my worth and not overlooked my efforts….


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