Never Be Sorry for You Don’t Love Her

She stares at the mirror for a long time. Isn’t she hormonal today? Will she cry out loud in secrets again? Nope, she avowed to her father not to cry anymore.

What’s the indifference? What’s with the attitude? Why change so quickly? She loves him for she knows what her heart wants…. if given the chance, she’ll surely love him more and the most… She is also like other women and she can do what they can to please any man…

Of course, she’s not good in hiding despite her silence the truth is in her eyes. Have you ever wonder why she cried at times? She just can’t control her sadness because she is there but you chose not to see her.

Perhaps, you’ve found what your looking for and she’s still at the dark room singing awfully. Don’t feel sorry that she loves you with all her heart and you don’t… Trust me, it will never be her lost… she’s once a happy girl and she’ll always be happy.

She’s taking selfies and said a silent prayer. “Thank you dear God for finding me and loving me for who I am. I know that as your child I am beautiful. You don’t have standards and criteria. You are not harsh and You don’t get bored quickly. Thank you for skills, gifts and blessings. Thank you for giving me a heart of selflessness and always there to serve others. I love you, my dearest Lord. I know you can see the goodness and sweetness in me despite my temper. I don’t take for granted for all I know is love with all my heart.” She prayed with smile and contentment within her. She doesn’t know how to flirt or act around guys… She’s quite shy and she easily gets scared or tense all the times… She only knows to pray and do her duties and responsibilities.

Never feel sorry for you don’t love her… she doesn’t regret what she feels and she doesn’t have to undo anything… Don’t be sorry for for she isn’t… how about you??? Are you??? You’ll only know what’s there when you see with your heart and open it valiantly…. Have courage, my friend!!! Let us be brave now!!!

by Ed Sheeram “Thinking Out Loud”


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