Food for the Wrecked Heart

Waking up so early…. I slept quite early than the usual timing. Hey, my heart maybe shattered but it doesn’t mean I have to starve myself.  It has been so long since that traumatic experience of making a breakfast for another.  I took the pan and made a fried tuna with tomato…. A special breakfast exclusively for me….

The Food for the Wrecked Heart

Shattered, existing is meaningless

A curse casted by a wretch’s soul

Begging mercy from the Divine

Pardon me from my wrongdoings

Lead me to the haven of believers

My wrecked heart is bleeding

Imprisoned in hopelessness’ hell

Death is not the end of suffering

Disappearance, an act of cowardice

As I discerned, I heard His voice

God with no hands and many faces

“My child, I know you are broken 

You are starving for something 

Here’s a food for your wrecked heart

A supplement to find your purpose

The energy of hope and miracles

The bread I shared to you in mass

Not only a piece made of wheat

It is all of me that I give to you

You’re already fixed long time ago

Give your heart a chance to heal

Welcome no devil in your thoughts

My child, I love you and I’m here

Always know that you’re not alone 

And no matter what, you’re always loved

Not only by your father but others too

My child, it’s you who refused to see”



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