When there was you

Terrible me.  I exited.  Seeing the message or a sticker sent, shut my mouth and lost my appetite.  I am not blind and nothing was wrong with my eyes.  I could read and see.  Then, I had to pretend and finished my food fast.  I had to leave.  I had enough.  And so there was that call and the prior conversation with those facts ruined me internally so badly. 

I left fighting back my tears as I walked fast not even caring if I would possibly fall down on my high heels.  Luckily, I found a cab quickly and the moment I was inside, there was no holding back. I wept.

I was there.  But, someone else existed.  I would never be seen.  Yeah, there was no more you and you never did such to me.

No more movies. No more free rides.  No more long chats and dinners.  The favors you did for me.  The concerned were all gone.

When there was you, I could be happy…. I had your full attention.   No games and no calling even from…  Because when there was you, I was there and existed.   

Now, I vanished and walked out pretending I am alright when I am not…. I chose to leave even if I wanted to stay closer… A little bit more….

The most awaited calls and messages… I am near but I am the one so faraway….

For now…. There’s only me but no more you….


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