I made the choice 

 I heard the words and my heart cried a little more

I embraced my silence even if there’s so much I wanted to say

I am trying to be tough despite the loneliness and sadness

I tried to be happy for your happiness even if it’s you I desire

This is where I am entangled and imprisoned

You don’t have any idea how I wanted you closer

I’m glad that today I had a chance even if it was brief 

Standing side by side, for a moment and for awhile

Can I stay there not just for few seconds but for long?

Will you tell me to move away when I want to stay?

You were the happiest, you laughed the loudest and you enjoyed the most

What are unspoken is beyond your comprehension and what you don’t know

How do we define love? Love is abstract and subjective

Our views of love may be influenced with our beliefs and culture 

What shape our hearts? Can we make our hearts obey?

Does love consider numerical values or ambitions?

Does love look at the category, criteria and standards?

What do we choose? How do we pick what stand out from our options?

Are we brave enough to defy gravity and move against the current? 

In our pasts there are many stories kept and untold

Despite of who and what you are, and your indifference 

I made a choice, the unusual and most peculiar

I choose faith in God and not to switch off my head again

I choose love, no matter how difficult and complicated

I choose believing in myself and be who I am

I choose my tears and go on, for one day you’ll see this greatest gift of all

Beyond what the rules set and what the stars dictate

I made a choice and choose you, just find me in your heart

You’ll see not with your eyes and chances are taken with no regrets


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